Renting with Pets

You’re deciding to move off-campus for your next year of college. Do you know what one of the best advantages of student housing? It’s the ability to own a pet or bring one from home that you dearly miss. But with all of the excitement, it is essential to consider all of the ins and outs of renting off-campus housing with your companion.

The first step in renting with your new pet is to consider which pet you will be trying to approve by your new landlord.

Which Animal Will You Bring With You?

The animal that you decide to bring with you to your new apartment can make or break the deal on many housing options. Before you can start your house hunting, consider the benefits and disadvantages to the most common type of companions.


These animals require a more significant deal of attention when compared to other choices. If you are looking for a place with man’s best friend, you may want to find a location that has a backyard or that is close to a walkable path. Dogs can also cause a great deal of damage if not trained properly. Landlords tend to be pickier when it comes to the breed or size of a potential dog in their apartments.


When it comes to a cat, we all know that they spend the majority of their days asleep. For those looking for off-campus student housing, a feline may be the best option. They don’t require the same amount of time and energy that a dog does, opening up a variety of places that you might be able to rent. For renting with a cat, most landlords would prefer this animal over a dog, making it easier to find a new home.

Trying to Find an Apartment With Pets

Trying to find a new place to live with your furry friend can be challenging. Below are a few tips to consider when looking for pet-friendly.

• Pet-friendly: even if the apartment you found has a small yard, this does not mean that it will accommodate an animal. Look closely to see if your potential home allows pets. If not, contact the landlord for clarification.
• Animal Preferences: some landlords allow cats, but not dogs in their apartments. If you see that living complex is pet-friendly, see which pets they allow.
• Weight Limitations and Prejudices: when it comes to housing that allows both cats and dogs, typically there will be a weight limit of around 25 pounds or less. Also, keep in mind breed restrictions.
• Additional Fees: adding a pet onto the lease may mean that you have to pay extra. The security deposit may also increase with additional pets.

What Will the New Landlord Want?

There are a few things that you will need to provide before moving into a potential new house. Not all of these are mandatory, but keep in mind that some renters will not grant you access without these requirements.

• Pet resume. You can sway the opinion of your landlord with a resume that proves how well-trained your animal is. It also shows that you are a responsible owner with added references from previous friends or landlords.
• Renter’s insurance. Purchasing this form of insurance adds a level of security for your new renter, assuring them that you will pay for any damage caused by pets.
• Meeting your animal. The best way to let them approve of you and your animal is to see for themselves. Meeting your dog or cat before moving in is optional but a great way to make the final decision.

What To Keep in Mind Once You Live in the Apartment?

Taking care of the apartment and your animal is the best way to ensure a happy relationship between you and your new landlord. Let’s discuss a few ways you can be a thoughtful and respectful neighbor.

• Keep the noises down. Make sure that your animal does not disrupt the other tenants by providing the proper amount of training and toileting.
• Limit damage to the property. Giving your animals something to play with while you’re gone will stop them from destroying anything in the apartment. Also, clean up messes as they happen to prevent any permanent staining.
• Keep your pet healthy. Find a veterinarian that can promote the well-being of your animal, making for a happier living situation.

Finding Pet-Friendly Housing Nearby

If you are trying to find pet-friendly apartments and townhomes for rent in Lexington KY, then you may not have to search for much longer. At Lex Properties, we offer housing for off-campus college students who would like to bring their trusty companions with them. Even if you are finding a new furry friend to share your apartment with, we’re all ears – and tails.

Finding off-campus housing with a pet can be tedious and troublesome. Some renters prefer only to include cats while others choose to set limits on the weight of the animal. Lex Properties looks at the bigger picture, wanting you to be able to share your college years with your best furry companion.