Off-Campus Housing: A Guide

Every student (and parent, of course) wants to find the most affordable student housing available. For many individuals, the solution is to search for a school with economical options right on campus. Others live with their parents or try to find other people they can share an apartment with so that they can save on the rent. In several situations, college is when students finally live away from their families. It is indeed a huge decision to make and numerous questions may arise, including whether or not it is the right choice, especially with all the expenses involved. The good news is that you will find plenty of alternatives that are suitable for student housing off-campus, including those who want to save.


Before you move, the first thing that you need to do is make a few decisions. One is to determine whether you will search through a variety of apartment rentals in the area so you can live alone or with a few roommates. Choosing to live on your own has many benefits, including having your own space and not worrying about noise, especially when you are taking a much-needed nap or studying for your exams. However, when you live with a few other people, it can help lower the campus housing costs. Be sure to talk about financials, so you do not regret signing the lease with them. Picking the right roommates can guarantee a positive year for your off student housing. It helps that you have the same interests, such as being a part of a sports team or you have a similar major as them. As you check the list of apartment rentals, you should also consider the proximity of the off-campus housing options to your university. As much as possible, pick one that is within walking distance so that you can save on taxi or gas costs.

Packing Checklist

When moving out of your dorm or renting off-campus, you need to bring several things with you. It is impossible to list every single item since everyone has different requirements. However, there are a few essentials that you should not forget. It is your first ever college apartment, which is why you do not want to run into problems. The best way to achieve this goal is by being fully prepared. For your bathroom, you need your toiletries, towels, curtains, and a shower caddy. Bring with you a first aid kit and medications if you have allergies or specific health conditions. The kitchen should also be well-stocked with everything you need when you eat, namely a plate, bowl, silverware, and a cup. If you love drinking coffee, you can save more if you have a coffeemaker with you, although some apartment rentals provide a few appliances. If there is no microwave, you will be thankful that you have one in your kitchen. Other essentials in this part of the house are cooking utensils, small and large pots, and small and large saucepans.

The Important Things

Of course, do not forget your school supplies, including your pencils, highlighters, and pens, along with your notebooks, envelopes, and binders. A flash drive will also save your day so be sure to bring it with your laptop, charger, and mouse. If you can take a printer with you, it would save you a lot of time, so you should also have some printing papers and extra ink. Other things that you may not want to forget are your phone, tablet, and their chargers. You may also want to bring speakers for your electronics. Some college students even have a TV set with them. Other items that you may want to carry with you to your new place are a flashlight, trash bags and can, lamps with extra batteries, and a laundry basket with some detergent.

What to Watch Out For

Living outside the school dorm requires you a lot of things, including looking out for a few significant traps. Before you get into campus housing, you should set a budget so you will know how much you can afford. Consider some facts about yourself, including your income if you have a job or perhaps the financial support you get from your parents or guardian. You should also think about your scholarship funds and approximately how much you usually spend every month. Your rent is just one of the significant expenses that you need to pay attention to when you live off-campus. You should also consider the move-in fees, security deposits, utilities, and pet fees if you have a dog or cat. Add those costs to your laundry, parking, and meals, which you need to pay regularly.

Lastly, Safety First

Aside from your budget, you should also be wary of your safety. Inspect the rental thoroughly before even thinking about signing a lease. Stay away from dirt-cheap apartments with broken floorboards, creaky stairs, or water damage. As much as possible, look for one that works with a company, which excels in property management in Lexington KY, so you know professionals monitor and care for the place where you will soon live. Lex Properties offers a 100% mold free guarantee!