Want to Decorate Your New Place?

Anyone who has ever moved into the UK apartments knows that decorating can be quite a task. When you’re in college and looking for a new place, the cheaper, the better is usually the motto! Amazon offers free shipping for Prime members. A great perk for college students as they offer student discounts on Prime memberships. Here are a few decorating ideas that are under $100 that will help keep costs down, and spruce up your new place!



  • Picture Frames – $15

You can add any number of things to picture frames. Motivational quotes to help you power through school work or photos of friends and family are a few ideas. These are a cheap and easy way to bring a bit of yourself into your new place.

Picture Frame for campus properties



  • Accent Rugs – $28


Accent rugs are easy to place almost anywhere in your home. They can be moved around with ease and pull a room together. Rugs make sparse spaces more inviting. They’re perfect for seating for those late night study groups. Accent rugs come in plenty of sizes for any area. Whether it’s your newly rented UK apartments or one of our many townhomes for rent, rugs are an excellent addition.

accent rug ideas for burley properties











  • Clothing Storage Containers – $21

When you live in student housing, sometimes your best option is to have roommates. Roommates make things very cost effective when trying to pay for tuition and a place to call your own. The downside is having to share your personal space with another person. Storage containers can help free up space in closets and dressers, so everyone is happy!

Clothing storage for campus properties










  • Lamps – $19

Lamps can enhance the lightening in any room of your townhome or campus rental. The proper lighting is vital for studying, doing homework assignments, or just hanging out with friends. Our Burley properties for rent have overhead lighting, but occasionally you want the intimate light of a floor or table lamp.

Lamps for burley properties










  • The University of Kentucky Decor – $16

Whether you’re close to home or going to school out of your home state, it can be difficult to leave behind friends and family. One way to remind yourself why you are here is to display some University of Kentucky decor throughout your apartment. It can boost morale and keep you focused on the tasks at hand. University schooling can be expensive and sometimes we all need a little reminder about the path we are trying to take in life.

Ideas for campus rentals