Apartments VS. Townhouses: Your Off-Campus Choices

Dorm rooms have their nostalgia and campus-wide convenience, but they aren’t always available. Many colleges have a shortage of dorm rooms. Students turn to off-campus housing as a viable solution. If you’re deciding between apartments and townhomes for rent in Lexington KY, it’s important to know the critical differences between the two. Compare these property types right now so that you have reliable information during your off-campus housing hunt.

Affording the Rental

Townhomes will almost always be more expensive than apartments. The difference comes down to square footage. A townhome tends to have at least two floors. This fact translates to a more expansive place, which means that a higher price tag is warranted.

As a student, income is often limited. Renting an apartment will almost always be less expensive. You must work with the smaller square footage during the school year.

Dealing With Landlords

A management company owns most apartments. Every unit falls under its rules and regulations. Townhomes, in contrast, are typically owned by single landlords. You pay a person instead of a management company.

Apartment living allows you to pay the company through online portals. Townhome owners usually want a monthly check made out to them. Dealing with different landlords will be a personal choice as you weigh off-campus housing choices.

Keeping up the Exterior

It’s hard enough to keep up with cleaning the interior of an apartment or townhome. The last thing college students want to do is mow the lawn outside of their off-campus housing. Townhomes will often have some exterior features to take care of as a resident. Apartments don’t typically have these features.

Be sure to ask about the exterior and your responsibilities toward it. Narrowing down your selections may be easier with this feature questioned at each property.

Paying Those Bills

Apartment bills usually include the rent bundled with a few utilities, such as water. You’ll probably pay for electricity, gas and other services with separate statements. Always ask about inclusions with your monthly rate. It can be slightly different between apartment buildings.

Townhome bills are different for every property. Because you’re dealing with a single landlord, he or she may or may not include the utilities within the monthly rate. If you want bill simplicity, apartments will always win out in this category.

Making Room for Roommates

A smart way to make many apartments or townhomes affordable is by moving into a property with roommates. Ask friends if they’d like to split the monthly rent. Consider a household with two or four people sharing the space.

In this case, renting townhomes might be a better choice than apartments. There’s square footage with a townhome, but everyone shares the rental amount. It can pay off when everyone is committed to the shared property.

Understanding Amenities

Every property will have unique amenities. Townhomes tend to have fewer amenities because their design is geared toward family living. Pools and tennis courts aren’t the norms. You might have these amenities at school anyway.

Apartments tend to compete with one another, so amenities are plentiful. Saunas, spas and other perks may be at your disposal. Ask about any facilities and if you’re required to pay extra fees for them. Some features may not be in your budget.

Be honest about your budget and student needs as you narrow down your housing choices. One apartment might be better than the townhouse down the road. By being selective during your housing hunt, you’ll have a better experience during the semester. Any housing should be safe, clean and affordable for each student pursuing his or her dreams.